Everything you need for security software



Features that you can create are grouped under a main category. Creating a demo packet, you can check in detail what you can do.

Most of the features are optional, you can add or remove them during purchase process.
  Freeware   DeskGate Enterprise Optional
Remote connection RDP  
File sharing  
Starting a chat  
Reporting through phone and notebook with Web interface  
Multiple screen display  
Creating groups  
Creating remote support  
IT Management  
Blocking a Web address, with or without permission  
Web-address records  
Video recording/Optional  
User statistical summary  
Inventory summary  
Event and Activity graphic reports  
User performance activity  
Used program and periods  
Copied writing activities  
Windows/USB/Memory portable device movements  
Writing history/Optional  
Hardware Report  
Private administrator authorizations  
Private name identification  
Creating support and ticket  
User based summary reports  
Rating according to the activity  
Preparing special setup file  
Commander, remote control  
Support mode use