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Privacy Policy

What is privacy policy ?
It includes explanations about how DeskGate use your private data and Privacy Policies.

For DeskGate Technology, Data security is the most important thing on the business. DeskGate is tottally responsible all the data given to DeskGate by our customers. If you are not +18. This website may not be revelant for you.

Private Data
DeskGate may keep a few data of the customers, ( Forms, User Contact Informations, Reports of User behaviour on www.deskgate.com) DeskGate may keep info about how our clients use our website, and may take logs of them. (For Example, on which part our customers spend their time on our website) DeskGate may use cookies on official website also. adır.

How We Use ?
DeskGate may use www.deskgate.com to contact their customers. To give informations and educate new products and updates. DeskGate may keep contact informations of customers contact them for any updates.

User Information Share Policy
DeskGate may share the above user informations with other partner solutions firms for better service.

User Data Security
All the customer data on our database, is being protected with maximum security by DeskGate Technology.

You can reach us on support@deskgate.com for any questions about privacy policy. Also, User Lisence Agreement( EULA) may help you . http://www.deskgate.com/eula.aspx