Remote Desktop & Employee Monitoring

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Maximize data security with users' file operations, websites they visit, files they delete or copy, certain situations that require employee monitoring pc tracking data security, and the programs they use.



Employee Monitoring Software

You can record all your employees monitoring pc tracking activities that work from office or home and get reports for performance and all activities.

It allows detailed reporting of staff monitoring, pc monitoring, multi-screen employee monitoring pc tracking, staff performance, web activities, program activity and time processes, USB transfers, details of correspondence, staff performance reports against data security or data theft and It also allows remote connectivity, support and ticket management and it can get inventory reports.

Run in a closed system on premises. Keep your company data under your control.
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Remote Desktop Software

Remote desktop software provides fast and efficient support in cases where there is no physical access to a pc or by making remote desktop software access from environments such as out-of-office and home, as well as ensuring that all transactions are recorded.

With remote desktop software access, file transfer, remote command execution and help desk services, it is an indispensable product for IT professionals.

All connections made with remote desktop software are encrypted with high security RSA and AES 256 bits.


Inventory Management

Inventory management is the whole of studies aimed at taking inventory of hardware and software, tracking inventory services and increasing efficiency.

Through inventory management, inventory provides a wide range of records from computers, servers, company mobile phones, operating systems, network devices and software.

IT Service Inventory management significantly reduces the workload. In this direction, the products are tracked correctly and recorded.

Protection Breach Prevention

Protection breach prevention enables to prevent user errors and to intervene in advance of events that result in unauthorized access to computer “PC” data, applications, networks or devices.

precautions to be taken in order to keep the effects such as blocking, loss of business, loss of reputation and damage to the company at the lowest level are the best method to prevent protection breaches in the company.


DeskGate, the best software and the choice of leading companies for years, can use employee monitoring software to control productivity and identify your best performing employees.


IT Service is a advanced pc remote desktop software for IT professionals that working on cloud-based

Our goal find a solution to all needs for IT Management. Includes remote connection that realtime and secure, helpdesk management , inventory information, remote program installation.


High secure connection with asymmetric encryption

All remote connections firstly authenticate with the RSA cryptographic technology and after that all data transfers and continue to be transmitted with AES encrypted and provides TLS 1.2 technology complete protection against unauthorized access with additional security measures.


DeskGate lets you know about the activities of employees during the day with detailed reports

Companies needs employee monitoring software because prevent insider threats for sensitive data and to speed up working process. So with that software they can identify and stop the misuse of company data and resources and can get reports about inefficient time during working hours whom employee.

Users Runtime Activities

It can measure work efficiency by controlling the activities of the personnel working during the day on the PC during working time.

You can record a wide range of activities, such as the programs used, the websites entered in the process from the opening-time of the PCs to the closing-time.

Thanks to the control of the activities carried out at work time, many companies can instantly observe what their employees are doing on the computer and whether they are working efficiently.

Employee Monitoring PC Tracking

All activities performed on the PCs used by the employers and employees and the daily activities of the employees are recorded with the personnel monitoring software, so that they are reported in detail afterwards.

You can check the daily tasks that your PC monitoring and tracking employees need to complete, see how long they have completed, what they need, the most productive working times, and evaluations can be made for this data.

Thanks to the PC monitoring and tracking software, web records, application times, names, usb movements can be monitored from the opening-time of the computer to the closing-time. When necessary, you can access detailed reports by making definitions as work, private and undefined.