Advantages and Disadvantages of Employee Monitoring

Advantages and Disadvantages of Employee Monitoring

Employee monitoring has a somewhat frightening reputation among staff and employers. When you examine the advantages and disadvantages of employee monitoring, you can decide correctly whether such software is suitable for you. At the end of this article, you will learn how to combat the disadvantages of monitoring your employees and what effective solutions to productivity problems can help.

Evaluate Your Employees' Behaviors During Working Hours

Thanks to the personnel monitoring program, you can monitor the productivity activities of the employees in your company from time to time, evaluate their behavior and analyze what they do between working hours. You can have information about their social lives by seeing what your employees do outside of working hours. As working life has become more digital, systems that collect activities done on the computer have become increasingly popular.

One of DeskGate's tenets is the need to allow data collected from staff monitoring software to be used for the benefit of everyone, not just managers. Organizations can discover how their employees can be more productive by analyzing personnel tracking software data on how their employees spend their time during working hours. As our company, we have redefined this idea of ​​how we can be more effective in monitoring the work activities of our employees.

Personnel monitoring software is not a tool but also an end. Your data is located on your own servers and you can get it directly from the source. You collect your employees' activities that can be used not only to track their activities, but to improve their productivity. By owning this data, you are helping the employee, employer and business.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Personnel Monitoring

You also have to consider the impact of the software you choose to track staff activity on your organization. Personnel monitoring software often depends on workplace approaches to how data is used and shared.


It will be different for you to identify inefficient workflows, which employees are at risk, and address issues with this information through data collection. The motivation of your employees at work is very important. Increasing this motivation requires an environment where your employees can be more creative, productive and develop better quality relationships with their colleagues at work. Staff monitoring helps you with issues such as increased time spent on social media on computers or decreased employee performance. More productivity means less inefficient processes and will result in higher revenue for your company. In addition, it helps you to reduce costs by identifying unnecessary or less used software.


It is natural for employees to have privacy concerns about personal data security. They want to know what data is recorded and how this data is used. Explain to your employees that your purpose is not to monitor them, but rather to better understand whether they are working effectively. Being transparent in the workplace gives your employees confidence in their employers. In order not to undermine the trust of your employees, you need to put yourself in their shoes and show them why data is being collected and that you are not just trying to monitor it. Even if personnel monitoring is completely legal, it is always the right approach to be transparent with your employees as there is legality involved.

Your workplace and through employee performance

What Enables You to Achieve Through Employee Monitoring in Your Workplace

Answering basic questions shows what kind of software you need:

  • What is efficiency and how can I improve it?
  • Are my employees at risk of burnout?
  • How is the workload among the teams?
  • When are they most productive?
  • Does he spend a lot of time on the Internet looking for information?
  • Do my employees have the tools to do their jobs best?
  • What is the rate of unused apps?
  • Does internet use affect employees correctly?
  • Does it allocate the necessary time to each activity?
  • Do my employees take time for themselves?
  • How can we make business processes more efficient?
  • Are legal requirements being followed?

Increase the Value of Your Business Using Personnel Monitoring Software

DeskGate will be an indispensable product for your company when used correctly. The advantages of employee monitoring are truly enormous and, if used correctly, the benefits for your company are enormous. As long as you are transparent with your employees, they will support you.

Professional Perspective:

Be transparent with your employees internally from the start to ensure a positive experience.
Stop thinking "What are my employees doing during working hours" and "Do my employees work efficiently?"