Employee Monitoring and Activity Tracking

There are more than one employee monitoring program in the market. Learn more about employee monitoring programs and discover what you can do and how you can take an ethical approach to monitoring with DeskGate Personnel Monitoring.

When it comes to employee monitoring, people are initially skeptical. This is due to employee privacy concerns. Today, camera systems, vehicle GPS and other tracking tools in companies have caused discussions on company policies because of the legal problems they can create to workplace privacy. There are many personnel monitoring products on the market. They all have different features and some are not suitable for every business.

Since DeskGate complies with its code of ethics thanks to personnel monitoring, companies focus only on features such as security, reporting and compliance. Personnel monitoring improves employee productivity while improving business processes. It provides full protection against data breaches and cyber security threats.

Employee Monitoring and Activity Tracking

Why is DeskGate the Best Employee Monitoring Software?

Employee monitoring software records activities to collect data. These include websites visited, applications used, USB movements and other usage information.

During the pandemic, remote and hybrid working models began to be used. While many companies wanted to increase work efficiency, they wanted to monitor and report employees' computers in order to ensure data security. Employee monitoring software records all activities done during working hours in order to be able to report what an employee does on the computer, when he turns on his computer, and how actively and passively he works.When employees use the Internet for their private business, it is difficult to determine which is for private use and which for business. Thanks to DeskGate, efficient or inefficient users can be identified by making special or job definitions for websites and applications.

DeskGate employee monitoring software can analyze the work habits of an employee of managers by reporting in detail the activities performed on the computer.DeskGate monitors computer activities, collects and aggregates data, which is then analyzed to provide clear insights into business efficiency.

With DeskGate employee monitoring, we make it easy for managers to issue work reports and increase the productivity of all employees working from the office or from home. The most important function of employee monitoring software is to observe how your employees spend their time and the distribution of work among teams. Properly used employee monitoring software helps improve the employee experience and uncover opportunities to work smart.

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Transform Your Business with Employee Monitoring Software

With employee monitoring software, it is a powerful tool for any organization. Managers respect the privacy of their employees and only want to collect employee activity data to help their employees work with increased performance. With Employee monitoring, DeskGate gives your business the data it needs to grow by prioritizing transparency and non-invasive data collection and analysis. You will increase the working efficiency of your members.

Employee Monitoring Software

It records the work processes of your employees during working hours. It helps to monitor your freelance, remote or hybrid employees. With DeskGate, we place more emphasis on how an employee's activity and time is used, rather than relying on your employees' work time itself. Some firms rely on data such as keylogging to collect employee performance data. With DeskGate, it records in real time what an employee writes from their keyboard and compares these records with other data.

Professional Tips for Your Business

It is very important to establish an atmosphere of trust and supportive relationships with your employees. Show that you are trying to help them with their work process.

Using employee monitoring software is the best way to gain productivity and take action to move your organization forward.
Consider which employee monitoring software your organization invests in. By focusing on the wrong areas, you may miss out on the insights that will take your business to the next level.