Employee Monitoring and User Activity Logs

You can record all your employees monitoring activities that work from office or home and get reports for performance and all activities. Employee monitoring is monitor users activity to detect and stop insider threats, to employee productivity and used for speed up work process. In the main goal to increase productivity and eliminate insider threats.

DeskGate Employee Monitoring software report all user activity for applications, websites, USB, keylogs ,network traffic etc. user in at work and blocking website or application list can be set for employee productivity and employee motivation.

It can also measures employee productivity with computer in-out time reports, active working time with keyboard and mouse move and general performance report on work-private distinction

There is also a remote desktop connection on employee computer and can get take control when you need. That be able to use in real time potential threat from users and intervention quickly or any need to help from users


In management panel real-time checking of user activity through

Record all activities in users computer all day and video playbacks can be access on management panel

Get report exactly how shifts are spent through minute-by-minute activity and compare other employees

Understand how much time spend on work stuff

See who's late at work or leaves early

All activities, keylog, actions on website or application is monitored and recorded

Every URL or website entered by users will be add in users logs report

Get network traffic report

Blocking website or application list can be set for employee productivity and employee motivation

Word based blocking websites

Block use of social media sites or applications

Get a general social media report whom most use social media or which sites

Prevent users for using their computers private something

Textual reports exists for every keystroke and copy/paste operation

Create behavior rules that alert of when certain pressed or copy some words

Block USB port or allow some special USB with serial number

Get all usb memory activities that used by users

Access users computer with remote desktop and take control potential need situation

Detailed logs report allow past recordings to be searched based users or groups

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Employee Monitoring and User Activity Logs


Protect your valuable data

Tracking of work process, users activity analysis and retrospective monitoring by video recorded.

Multiple locations

Whether you want to remotely manage locations or you want to manage multiple locations as if they were a single network configuration, you can also work offline with central localization.


Prepare your own installation file via your user panel and install it quickly.

Strong analysis reports

You can access support history, inventory information, installed programs, usage times, visited websites, copied files and many other special reports within your license.

Real time monitoring

When you want you can see users computer on hidden mode.

Multi-screen monitoring

With multi-screen monitoring, you can instantly monitor multiple users screens.

Video recording

You can keep all activities of computers on video records and save in your servers.


When you want to talk about something private with a users , you can do it through starting an instant message.

Restriction and blocking

You can block access to websites that you do not want users go to during shifts, or you can just create a list of allowed websites.

Groups and permissions

You can create groups and for that groups define different rule or admin authority.

Performance reports

Get reports for user login-logout times and as well as active or passive statuses so you can get detailed reports about your employees work process.

URL reports

Get reports of all visited websites in detail.

Duration of program using

Be aware of what programs users use most during the day.

Program and URL blocking

Prevent user mistakes by blocking software or websites that you do not want them to use or install.

File actions

Get reports of important actions such as deleting, creating, and changing files.


Access textual reports for every keystroke of what users write and in which programs.

Copied word

Get report of what is copied and pasted during the copy-and-paste operation.

Network traffic

Get information of actual network traffic measured by software port as well as the software being used.

Alert system

When you want to know or when you want to be notified of an event, be alerted instantly by making special definitions within the warning system.

USB and memory device activities

Record all activities made with portable devices such as USB and memory devices.

USB and memory device blocking

Block portable devices such as USB or Memory or allow to some devices by serial numbers.

Remote Desktop

Access remote computer and manage fast and secure.

Administrator activities

Record and analyze in detail the activities that managers have made.

Command prompt

Run custom commands remotely from your site quickly, without losing time.


In case of technical problems users can send ticket about problems and get help from IT team.

File transfer

Send or receive files quickly from users.

Inventory reports

You can access inventory information (many features such as device features, installed software and serial numbers) and extract summary reports.

Hardware inventory reports

Record many hardware devices such as CPU, RAM, HDD.

Software inventory reports

Find information about installed software products.


Take security precautions against bad scenarios by automatically backing up user-specific files.