Important Warnings

DeskGate is divided into 2 main categories.

1) The department for home users and IT companies providing remote service. a) The home user uses it to gain remote support. b) Companies providing IT support use DeskGate CLoud, which is the division that receives information so as to not allow any superficial security problems such as through remote support and inventory reports.

2) The DeskGate Enterprise division is for corporate institutions, corporations and companies only. They obtain the right to use it only for its own staff; if they are to install it for a non-staff user, it is their responsibility. In the event that this is determined, their license will be canceled without any refund. Employees should clearly know that their staff cannot use company products such as computers, phones and vehicles for their own personal use. Company and Institutions must have notified this to their staff on the employment application contract. Please read the purchase agreement for more detailed information.

Conditions of refund

The DeskGate software is licensed as a TRIAL demo, and the user who uses the trial and then purchases it has shown that they are satisfied with the product and feel it has met their needs.

By the very concept and nature of DeskGate and its software products, it has been deemed non-refundable. The user has accepted and approved this prior to making the purchase.