What is Employee Monitoring

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Whether your company work workforce is remote, hybrid or office priority, with employee monitoring software you get more effective reports and information about not only when your employees work, but also how they work, is another way to increase workforce productivity.

Classical employee monitoring software was perceived in the past as the cause of oversight and problems that could cause understandable problems and concerns of employees and companies.

Innovative and technology-following organization, employee monitoring benefits and contributes to efficiency and greater productivity, revealing the difference between employees working in productive time and unproductive spenders. Employee monitoring supports the productivity of employees when used correctly and appropriately.

In our article, we will give you information and tips about your employees by reporting the problems of employee monitoring software today and the data collected from employees to create more useful work efficiency in this regard, with new technology methods.

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  • What is Employee Monitoring and Why is it Used?
  • What are the Employee Monitoring Types and Differences?
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Employee Monitoring
  • Your Employees May See it as a Disadvantage in the First Stage
  • How to Decide When Choosing the Best Employee Monitoring
  • Are Companies Reaching Their Goals with Employee Monitoring Software?
  • Legal Issues Regarding Employee Monitoring

What is Employee Monitoring

What is Employee Monitoring and Why Is It Used?

Employee monitoring software is an activity monitoring method used by businesses against productivity, activity and data theft for various reasons. By analyzing the productivity of the employees and determining the productive or unproductive times, you optimize the processes by analyzing which of the employees perform the business processes correctly. One of today's modern working models is the working from home model, and it analyzes the comprehensive workforce and analytical working processes of the employees not only at the office but also at home or away. By optimizing the business with employee performance analysis, it ensures that processes are improved, productive times increase and the workforce is used more effectively.

The activity data collected from the employees gives the management an idea about how the improvements in the workflow should be managed in order to get an idea about the processes and how the workflow can be used more analytically and effectively. Employee activity monitoring data provides an effective and accurate data analysis to the managers of the teams, to have information about the time spent by the employees during the day, to improve the processes for more efficient and active use of the hours, and to the differences in the work between each group. Now you will be able to direct your employees to more active and motivating work processes.

What are the Employee Monitoring Types and Differences?

Employee Monitoring Methods from Past to Present
With technology, it became easier to monitor the activities of the employees, and they began to be widely used with devices such as computers, tablets, phones and cameras. While most of the work should be done in the office environment, these processes have started to change today. It is of great importance whether the employee performs the tasks they need to fulfill correctly and effectively. For this, companies increasingly tended to employee monitoring software, which is one of the employee monitoring methods, so that the activities of the employees began to be controlled accurately and in one direction.

Computer Activities

It records the actions taken to monitor activities such as programs used, websites visited and usb activities. The data received is reported with the right methods, allowing the employees to receive detailed reports on a daily, monthly or annual basis.

Real-Time Employee Monitoring

Sometimes it is desirable to monitor what kind of activities the employees are doing on the computer screen. In these cases, instant information about the user can be obtained by watching the monitors with multiple and real-time screen monitoring software.

Running Video recording

Sometimes, it may be desirable to get a record of what the employee is doing on his computer, rather than reports. Although this is an exception, it may often have to be done for suspicious situations. Sometimes, employees may object to their actions. Video recording plays an important role in the management processes in order to avoid any problems. Video recordings of the employee's computer are kept in a special smart format, preventing data growth.

Employee Performance Reports

It takes important data such as the activities they do on the employees' computers, web history, application usage and duration, usb movements, and generates a detailed performance report, which can be very useful in the form of work, private and undefined, over the activities of the employee.

Employee Safety

In some cases, it is obvious that products such as firewalls cannot help. In these cases, one of the additional features in the employee monitoring software can prevent the employee's involuntary or deliberate mistakes on the part of the employee.

Employee monitoring safety and security

Advantages and Disadvantages of Employee Monitoring

Since companies will collect analytical data about their employees by activating the software, this will guide them in the right direction and will provide serious advantages for both the employee and the company. Every company with 5 to 100000 employees wants to know what employees do during the day. This situation provides a high rate of advantage for companies. No disadvantages of employee monitoring have been identified within the company, and no disadvantages have been known to date.

Effective Management with Data

With the data collected by employee monitoring, you can analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your employees, identify productive and unproductive activities, and improve your business processes by motivating them in the right direction. In every team, there are people who work less or pretend to be working. By revealing these situations, you can guide your other active employees to work more effectively by appreciating their talents and successes. The coach of each team should first research what they are doing in order to manage the employees in their team, and then analyze whether they are doing the given workload on time and correctly. Employee monitoring software will help you in this regard.

Motivation and correct direction are essential to strengthen your team, as it is known that around 60% of the employees worldwide are not interested in their jobs and do not complete their assigned tasks on time. In addition, 40% of them do not spend active time in their work, but they disrupt their work. For companies, this problem has started to increase with the working from home model. Employee activity monitoring is increasingly proving its importance for companies to get accurate data about their employees.

Unfortunately, when employees lose their jobs or do not do it when they should, companies do not care about this situation, but some employees who come only to get a salary not only to companies but also to companies where they work. is doing.

Employee monitoring software provides you with accurate analytical reports and allows your company to have a more effective business process by checking how your team can analyze the trends in which they go if they do not do the work they need to do during working hours, and how you can make the unproductive times productive with daily reports.

Enhance Your Company's Financial Growth

Enhance Your Company's Financial Growth

Improve employee productivity with business processes and analytical reporting, success will be achieved by using your workforce more effectively, and behind every successful company there are the right team and team leaders. If you do not have a tangible employee data analysis, you cannot make the right decisions on discourses, so you must have the right information by analyzing the activities with the employee monitoring method.

An exemplary study reported that an increase of 17% was achieved compared to the previous month in a company that states that its employees are being monitored. Monitoring the employees is not to complicate their lives, but to distinguish the right employee from the others by separating the employees from those who do not work, and to plan a more accurate work process for those who do not work. Record activities with employee monitoring to make more informed business decisions.

Safety and Security Precautions

Data security and breaches may be intentionally or unintentionally implemented by employees, so if you have any worrying ideas, you should definitely audit activities with employee monitoring for clarity. Today, small or large-scale companies are planning to get protection with various products from antivirus software to firewalls, but it is overlooked that the main security problem may be caused by the user inside. There are more effective ways that companies can do against data security theft, these are problems that can be seriously avoided with immediate and full control of employee computers. It is a fact that the data of the customers of the companies and accordingly important information such as credit cards were stolen by the employees within the company and unfortunately this could not be done.

It has been reported by research that the biggest threat of stealing in many companies starts during the process of leaving the company. For this reason, companies should first establish a trust between them and their steals and support this trust with monitoring software that works to strengthen it. This situation brings to mind a proverb "words fly, writing remains" precisely for this reason, every company must take precautionary measures for its safety and acquire employee monitoring software. Even if there is any data theft or security hole in your company, employee monitoring is a complete black box for you. By accurately recording events and logs, it becomes a savior when the time comes.

Employees software safety and security

Your Employees May See it as a Disadvantage in the First Stage

Why am I being monitored when employees are monitored? They may think that I am not working. Therefore, it will be beneficial to inform all employees about this issue. You can say that we record your habits rather than watching you and we want to protect our company against security errors that may occur. You can create awareness here by saying that we need to distinguish between the employees who work here and those who do not.

Privacy Private Information

Activity monitoring can cause employees to worry about being watched. There may be times when employees do their private work and spend time on social media on company computers during or outside of business hours, and they may want to keep this information private, which can be uncomfortable for them when people think they are being watched. It is worth noting to its employees that their private information is not collected and that the information received is completely based on the principle of confidentiality, and that there is security in the inner workings of each company. It is important to be aware of the fact that every company has a portfolio of customers and that this is the best way to prevent this information from being stolen by a malicious employee.

Earn Their Trust

Inform your employees with reassuring solutions so that they are not disturbed by the idea of ​​being monitored, about bad scenarios such as spying on your company or a malicious employee leaking data to rival companies. By showing such correct and important reasons, you can get the support of your employees and motivate them in this regard and maintain a better business process. If there is spying or data theft in your company, find it and share it transparently with all your employees, this will erase their prejudices about being tracked.

Increasing Work and Increasing Stress Level

The perception that employee computers are being followed, you may witness that your employees instinctively work harder, and even those who do not have a job start to design new jobs that are beneficial for the company. This situation may cause less breaks and more productivity in employees, but no one wants employees to fall into this situation, as a result of this situation, employees may experience stress-based health problems or tension. This situation is like a commander who has happened to a team, and it is like checking the employees all the time. Guide them to motivating activities by giving them information to overcome this. Organize activities such as employee of the month, top 5 employees for each department and distribute happy gifts. We are sure that no one wants the company they work for to be damaged! However, sometimes it can be the other way around, which is why employee monitoring software is a necessity for companies.

Legislation and Concerns

There are different viewpoints in every country regarding employee monitoring. According to the human rights law, an employee can not do social media or private work at work, while people's perception is why they are being watched. It would not be right for the employees to decide on the internal functioning and processes of each company. It will be more accurate for the management within the company to decide what employees are allowed and what they are not allowed to do.

So, it would be useful to ask the following question: let's assume that the customer data processed by the sales team in your company somehow went out and fell into the hands of malicious people, in this case, how can this be detected in a company that does not have employee monitoring software? There is no compensation for this situation for the company. Serious losses can be incurred and the employee can leave the company and go to another company and work, who will cover this great loss of the company! While there are many different opinions on this matter, it's best to get security.

Best employee monitoring activity report

How to Decide When Choosing the Best Employee Monitoring

When buying a product, the most important issue is how many years the product has existed and whether the seller will stand behind the product. There are different products on the market and you need to determine what you need. When you find the product that meets your needs, there are three important problems. First, when you buy the product, it works on-premisse, because no one knows the value of your data more than you! For this reason, having your data in your own body should be the first step for you. The second important issue is the support of the product, and the third issue is that the product can work stably without tiring your network. Let's examine the content of the current product under the main headings.
The following needs have been collected under the main headings for employee monitoring.

  • On-premise feature
  • Real-time screen view
  • Remote connection
  • File transfer
  • Having SQL data in your company
  • Usb, Web, Programs, activities
  • Usb, Web, Programs, Allow or deny
  • Defining working hours
  • Grouping and permissions
  • Role definition and authorization
  • Remote script execution
  • Remote automatic program installation
  • Support help desk management
  • computer inventory management

By defining the working hours, the features you want can be active or closed between the hours you specify. Thus, you can define specific times for Web, usb, and programs.
These features, which are great from each other above, are of great benefit in facilitating the work of IT professionals as well as employee monitoring. We know that most of the above features are necessary features for your company, so we are trying to improve our product more thanks to the feedback we have received from our customers for years.

Are Companies Reaching Their Goals with Employee Monitoring Software?

The importance of employee monitoring in the future will be understood more and more as technology develops and the activities of today's employees on computers increase. We'll start to see companies invest more in employee monitoring software in the coming years, as it's getting harder and harder to control employees as social media and communications get easier. Whoever prefers employee monitoring products is in need of every company whose employees spend active time on the computer, and it will come closer to being an important product for hotels, hospitals, production factories, colleges, and many other companies that come to mind.

While almost most of the small, medium and large companies have started to switch to the remote working model, this situation causes the majority of the costs such as office space, additional costs, food and electricity for the companies to decrease, while helping the employees to spend more time with their family with the comfort of their home environment.

Legal issues and are companies reaching their goals with employee monitoring software

Legal Issues for Employee Monitoring

  • Legal Issues for Employee Monitoring
  • What to do before installing employee monitoring software?
  • In what situations is monitoring necessary?
  • Does employee monitoring have the same legal rights for each country?
  • Is it necessary to tell employees that they are being watched?

Before employee monitoring is installed on employees' computers, it is necessary to hold a meeting on this subject and explain why monitoring is necessary and the benefits of values ​​such as the return for the company. After all, it is a fact that the computer used by someone working in the company belongs to the company and is given to work. So, in this case, the employee should be sensitive about this issue and take into account the rights of the employer. It is useful to explain to the employee that this is a security solution against data theft rather than monitoring, and from another point of view, if the company's private data is stolen, the reputation that the company will lose will be great and no one can compensate for it.

In some countries, in order for employee monitoring to be used, it is necessary to inform the employees about this in advance, while in some cases, a safer environment is provided for both parties by adding additional information to the employment contract between the employee and the employee after the companies have provided this information, and by recording that the company has informed the employee about this issue.

The most important issue here is to share information with your employees about why and why you want to install the monitoring software before installing it, it will help strengthen trust and communication between you and your employees. The more you act transparently on this issue, the stronger the ties between your employee and your company will be.

Is it the right decision for my company?

It would be beneficial to get a preliminary opinion on the monitoring software with your employees and team leaders. Although the team leaders will say yes in this situation, the employees will not want it at first because it may disturb them to think that they are being watched, at this point it would be useful to explain why your approach and your company are sensitive about this issue and why it is necessary. It is necessary to inform your employees that there will be no compensation for data theft, leaking customer records, the work and technologies developed by companies are in the hands of competitors, and an employee's mistake can be made knowingly or unintentionally, and it is necessary to emphasize the necessity of employee monitoring software for the future of your company.